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Our litter trained puppies help prevent this and aid in your housebreaking.

I would like to thank our friends at Cash's Bull Babies for introducing us to litter training puppies. This has saved us a tremendous amount of time from cleaning up after our puppies. You also will be glad your puppy is litter trained.

All of our puppies go to their new homes litterbox trained. This is a great aid in housebreaking puppies. Let me add that just because you use the Litter Pan with your puppy to help aid in housebreaking, this does not mean that you will always have to have a litter pan in your house. The litter pan is just an aid to help the puppy get on your schedule without having to clean up messes all the time and cleaning your carpets every week. Once we wean the puppies from their mom , they are introduced to the litter pan.

When our puppies go to their new homes, all the new owner has to do is get a dog litter pan and doggie litter. Then take the puppy outside on your scheduled times, until the puppy learns your schedule he will have the litter pan for accidents. Since we have already taught them how to use it, the puppy will instinctively know to go to it. This means no cleaning carpets; you just pick the litter pan out. If your puppy needs to go and just can"t hold it, they will go straight to the dog litter pan. After a few weeks, the puppy will learn your schedule and soon you will notice that the puppy is waiting until his scheduled time to go outside to use the bathroom. After a solid week of the puppy waiting to go outside and he does not need to use the litter pan; pick the litter pan up and you have a completely housebroken puppy.



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