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Since 1995

Available Studs

AKC Inspected Kennel With 100% Compliance

We offer stud service with Buck to approved females for $900.00

We highly recommend that you contact us before your girls goes in heat.  Early preparation allows you and us to properly prepare for the breeding.

Stud fee is payable in full when your female is dropped off & prior to breeding. A boarding fee of $20 per night is due when your female is picked up. 

Stud fee is nonrefundable.  If no puppies are produced from this breeding then a free breeding for the same female will be provided within 1 year unless other arrangements are made by the stud owner.

Your female must be in good health and have a brucellosis test done prior to
breeding.  She must be current on all vaccinations and free of parasites.


Puppies from this breeding may not be sold for resale.

We do not guarantee the sale of your puppies.  We are not responsible for any vet costs or fees resulting from this breeding.



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